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Asperger's Syndrome


Treatment requires intervention at multiple levels.

  • Psychological:
    Family counseling should be provided to the parents and should include

  • A careful explanation of the disorder

  • Realistic expectations of the child

  • Resources for obtaining support

Older children, adolescents and adults may benefit from Individual Cognitive Psychotherapy and Social Skills Training.

  • Education:
    Liaison with the staff at the child's school is important, particularly in helping them to recognize the needs for special educational services. Tests measuring skills for comprehension and abstract reasoning may be necessary to elucidate fully the type of learning disability.
    Early application of:

  • Special motor skills training to prevent further development of motor deficiencies

  • Occupational therapy

  • Vocational Training may benefit in the long run.

  • Pharmacological:
    Medication be useful for significant handicaps caused by symptoms of comorbid conditions like attention deficit (menthyl phenidate), anxiety, depression (SSRI) and obsessive compulsive disorder (SSRI).

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